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Discover RADAR Resource, The Aesthetic Society’s medical library and professional network on your tablet, smartphone, and the web. RADAR includes dozens of features that enhance ASJ’s print edition, including operative videos; discussion boards; interactive cases; and the ability to annotate, customize, and organize your Journal articles.

Computers, Android Tablets, and ALL Smartphones: These devices (iPhone included) will use the Responsive Web Version of RADAR.  From your web browser, navigate to www.radarresource.org.  Follow this link for login instructions.

iPad 2 or newer: Strictly iPad users will use an iPad application.  Search ‘ASAPS’ in the App Store, on your iPad, and download the free ‘ASAPS RADAR’ app.  Follow this link for login instructions.


After evaluating a specific article published in ASJ, participants in the CME activity should be able to demonstrate an increase in, or affirmation of, their knowledge of clinical medicine.

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